Tesnowing is the new Tebowing

I totally had one of “those” nights tonight. I felt tired and was ready to go to bed at a decent hour but then I remembered the snow was super primed for snowman making. Before the sleep decision I was thinking of making a snowman or two before going to bed but I really didn’t have good inspiration. Naturally, as I turned off the lights on the way to call it a night (man, it’s tough to not repeat words when I’m totally padding my word count), I got that flash of inspiration; “Te-snowing”.

There was no way I could go to sleep without acting on that idea. So I tossed on my boots and tried to make a somewhat realistic snow Tebow. Naturally, the final result was nowhere near as cool as my imagination, which either means my imagination rocks or my artistic skills suck… I’m going to go with yes. To both. Anyway, the best part is that my camera fell in the snow and just beeps at me now. Luckily, I got one photo off before it went all primadonna on me.



I saw a guy unicycling yesterday and I made a snow Tebow today. Thank you Feb-you-airy.

Your pal,