I am Steve. To many people, a name is simply a label. For Steves, their name is a lifestyle. This concept was popularized byThe Dao of Steve, however that’s not where I am stealing this idea from. Ok, so maybe it is but I don’t care.

Needless to say, as a Steve, I live a life of awesomeness and brilliance. Plus my blog is way more interesting than Skeeter’s Blog. Seriously Skeeter, say something interesting.

I believe that you as a reader deserves to know my goal with this blog. While initially I thought it could be a source of entertainment, a voice lead me to realize this could be a sounding board of something greater. Something important. Something world changing. Yes, I’m hoping that by reading my thoughts you not only have a laugh or two, but that you have a thought or two. If anyone is the definition of a thought or two, it’s me.

Your pal,


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