That moment when…

I’m sure you have all internetted before. I know this because when I say “you”, I mean “me”, being the only reader of this blog. Yes, I may have 8000+ comments pending approval but if one of them was actually a human, I would probably pee on the floor in excitement. Because I’m a dog. Dogs do that… at least when they see me. So maybe it is less of an excitement thing and more of a fear thing. Anyhoo, this is all beside the point that I am trying to make. That point is… dun dun dunnnnnn… Man my site looks old. Sadly that is also an allegory to my actual being. This blog has seriously been around long enough for some WordPress template look like it is the new Geocities. (Editor’s Note: We tried to find Steve’s original website on Geocities but apparently scifiguy did not want to be found. Darn. Because seriously this kid was nerdy.)

Best we found for past Steve blogging

I guess the moral of the story is that you always need to live life like it is your only life. YOLO. That’s still cool, right?

Your pal,