Holy crap, I logged in!

Seriously, with the amount of passwords the average person needs to remember it is remarkable that I was able to get back in to my own website. Y’all average people have at least 5 passwords but as a member of the slightly more than average, I have at least 6 that I need to remember. That’s a 6 hundred and 55 percent increase for the mathematically challenged.

The real question is why would I want to log in to a blog where the only reader is the writer. Wait. Is a period correct grammatically or should that have been a question mark? The simple answer is: it doesn’t matter! Unless you are in English class, which I really hope you are not or you will have at least 7 complaints about this post, then you are at that point where grammar is not really that important in your life. If it was you probably would have told yourself that last sentence ran on. Also, that sentence ended with a pre… some sort of word that sentences shouldn’t end with.

Anyhoo, no one really cares about grammar, that’s why Canada’s Smartest Person still exists. Actually, I think people do care about grammar, I as just trying to come up with a reason why this show was created and renewed. I totally support Canadian programming and really do like most of CBC‘s programming but I just can’t stand Canad’ass (intentional typeo) smartest person. And Heartland. Doody on Heartland. Doody.

Your pal,

PS The best password is 12345