Hey Folks,

So I’ve been running statistics against the readership of my blog and I’ve come to two conclusions. First; I only have one human reader… that’s me. Yeah, I know you think you’re human but that’s a conversation you need to have with your “parents”. Second; buzzwords are powerful. I’ve thrown many a word around and it turns out my most popular words came from my most laziest of posts. Yes, the two highest commented posts I have ever posted are two of the most phone it in posts I have ever “written:”. In case you are wondering, they are Captain McBloggy and The Spam Post. The more interesting part is not the “content” (yes, I have totally overused quotations)of these posts but the popularity of them.

You see, with a primary readership of bots and part time hackers, the quality of comments are destined to be suspect/awesome. People like us (read: me, as no one else reads this blog) would expect a random spattering of comments from bots. The crazy thing is that bots ignore the majority of my entries (editors note: good for them), and instead have focused on two particular posts. One that ridicules some random internet person and another that name drops celebrities. (editors note: Steve didn’t re-read the Spam Post to know what it was about). The point is that internet bots are scary smart. They seriously can decide what is interesting to themselves and what isn’t. If that isn’t Skynet, aside from the whole nuking everything, then I don’t know what is.

Also, I know you expect humour from my ramblings and have deemed this post as sub-humourous. Well to that I say “blog Bieber Pitt Clooney Rick Mercer Lady Gaga NFL Dancing With The Stars #humanityfail. Don’t fret, one of these days I will tell a joke. (editor’s note: Steve actually said “Yoke”; he doesn’t really know how to handle j’s. That’s why he rarely uses J words.)

Your pal,