Big and tall and short and small

Every man had his own quirks and twists – Harriet Beecher Stowe

Wow, starting with a quote makes me feel classy. Thanks high school English class for the idea! Anyhoo, I am here to talk about quirks. Those odd little things that seem normal to you but garner blank stares when you mention them in passing. You know, like your collection of toe nail clippings. I know you claim it is for genetic material for future organ growth but seriously, we all know you are not fooling anyone. Don’t worry, I was not planning on focusing entirely on your idiosyncrasies tonight. No, tonight is all mine. I even picked out one of my stranger ones just for your entertainment!

I like to find small buildings beside large buildings.


Look at that little building, it’s so tiny!

Yes, small buildings stuck beside much larger buildings. Most people who are interested in architecture would probably care about when the buildings were built, what style inspired them, the reason for the arches or even what the different coloured sections imply but not me. Nope, the relative size difference is what catches my attention. If I had a shrink, I’m sure we would have a good conversation and get to the root of my building size fetish but that is far too straightforward and healthy for me. Random musings and unsubstantiated guesses are more my style.


Cascading smaller buildings, oh my!

Naturally, when presented with mismatched building sizes, I immediately associate with the smaller building. It could be that the smaller building tends to be older with much more pronounced character but once again, that’s a tad classy for me. No, I believe I associate with the smaller building because of a deep seeded childhood trauma. If I have learned anything from prime time television, it is that childhood trauma plays a huge role in all of our mannerisms. Now, I was by no means a small child growing up, although I played one in real life up until high school. In fact, I made such a convincing small child, I once was blown over by the wind into a puddle. True story, I had to walk home in my gym shorts. It was tough to be towered over by all of the bigger kids.


Even low lighting a psychedelic camera can’t stop me!

There is one other reason I associate with those smaller buildings. One that is inspiring and surprisingly insightful. Despite being dwarfed by their neighbours, each one of these small buildings stand their ground. They quietly hold their position while being overshadowed by these large, loud towers. That inner strength, the idea of being true to oneself and not changing to grab attention sets quite a good example. These buildings could always cover themselves with neon lights and disco balls to catch the eye but they don’t. Well, they at least hang around until some developer buys the land, tears them down and puts up a giant condominium. C’est la vie.


Tiny! No, not that one, the one beside the one beside Ubisoft. Yes, it has a separate number.

This concludes our very special episode of Steveblog. I promise the next one will be no where near as classy, with the quotes and French phrases replaces with fart jokes and a picture of someone falling down.

Your pal,