Movie Sequel Monday: Executive Decision

Executive Decision is universally known as the movie where Steven Seagal dies at the start. To be fair, he makes it a bit further than the start and even manages to knife a few guys like the badass he is.  This of course shocked North American audiences because Steven Seagal can’t die, especially when he has top billing. It probably did not shock international viewers, especially those watching Critical Decision, starring Kurt Russell, Halle Berry, John Leguizamo, and Oliver Platt (Seagal who?).

Despite killing off a huge action star, Executive Decision managed to produce such a tense, roller coaster, thrill ride that it was given an unofficial remake called Air Force One. Yeah, I’m basically just lumping them together because they are all about terrorists trying to free a leader by hijacking a plane where the good guys end up winning by pulling off a daring plane to plane person transfer. So how do you follow up the plane hijacking of Executive Decision? Trainjacking ala Under Seige 2? Boatjacking ala Speed 2? Read on to find out!

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