Captain McBloggy and his United Federation of Blogs

Everyone loves blogging about blogging. I prefer blogging about other people blogging about blogging. Hopefully you like reading my blogging about other people blogging about blogging. Really it doesn’t matter though because all 10 of you will read anything I write. Not because you find it particularly interesting, or because of your marginally creepy masochism. No, you come here out of habit (and that virus that keeps setting Steveblog as your home page).

I recently came across a blog called MY INTERESTS: A blog about what I like to do, particularly one post simply titled “Visitors”. You would think that such a focused subject matter would turn people off that blog, but you would be wrong (as always). No, as the Visitors post states, his blog is extremely popular, citing such references as a 100-fold increase in hits and his “classmate’s blogs”. While I’m sure Captain McBloggy and his United Federation of Blogs is the coolest guy in his Star Trek pyjama parties, he may not be the best person to measure up against. Or maybe he just put the apostrophe in the wrong place and he was talking about all of his classmates.

The tragedy of the post hits in the second paragraph. He starts strong with his reader appreciation before leaving us with the promise of more posts to come. Well, it’s been over a year Dave and I’m still waiting. Granted I have only been waiting for a day, but I’m still waiting. Fortunately, I am not a man who stands by and lets the youth of the world be struck down by the heavy hand of reality! No! I hold that hand back, put a giant rock on it, and let it carry on!

Chances are the little tyke will never log back into his blog and never approve my comment, so in in the interest of completion, here are the motivation thoughts I left with him.

Hi Dave!

I just found your blog yesterday and I have to say I’m sorely disappointed that you didn’t keep up the posts. As a fellow blogger, I know how hard it can be to constantly expose yourself to the world without so much of a tug of feedback in return. Actually, my problem is more with my good friends in non-extradition countries that keep telling my readers to buy watches and cheap drugs.

Here’s hoping you return to form because I don’t think I can stand another day of reading Nick’s blog.

Personally, I’m looking forward to being in the search results for Captain McBloggy and his United Federation of Blogs. Don’t worry, brave reader, I’m sure you will accomplish something in your life too. You may one day graduate from those Velcro shoes and tie on a real pair of shoes.

Your pal,


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