Movie Sequel Monday – Paycheck

Movies have the ability to entertain and enlighten, however sometimes those experiences are too short. Thankfully, for popular and/or profitable movies, we are granted repeat jourrneys into our beloved settings through sequels. Movie audiences are quite fickle, so many times we are denied the opportunity to watch the further adventures of our favourite characters. That’s where Movie Sequel Monday comes in; I bring you the sequels that Hollywood is too frightened to write.

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Welcome to Steeeevebocom

All stories need to begin with an introduction, and mine is no different. Unfortunately, my good buddy Bill Shatner was a little to busy to write my forward. Thankfully I had a dream last night that introduces me fairly well.

My dream started at work. It was my dream representation of work, so while I sat in the same cubicle, I worked for some top secret government organization. My boss was replaced by a trio of evil foreigners who somehow managed to get in.

Things really got interesting when I let one of them crazy foreigners use my computer for a bit. In the few seconds he was on my computer, he managed to open a window with our network firewall name and put “hackinstructions.txt” on to my desktop. Naturally, this got me in lots of trouble, but it also lead to some real insights into my character.

First, I panicked and ran outside where I encountered old men. At least I think they were men. They were very pale, with delicate features. Both were sporting massive mirrored aviator sunglasses and bitchin’ handlebar moustaches. And yes, the moustaches were not enough to convince me that they were men. Their awkward, silent stares convinced me to go back inside.

At that point, I had that awful feeling in my mouth of a loose tooth. I reach in and pull out a dead black tooth. That led to a waterfall of teeth falling out. Falling out teeth is a recurring theme in my dreams. This freaks me out until I feel around in my mouth and my teeth are there.

My memory of the dream fades out there. So if you are an attentive reader, you would have found out several details about me.

– I think handlebar moustaches and aviator sunglasses are cool

– I am afraid of losing my teeth

– I can dream up a more realistic terrorist / conspiracy plot than 24

Your pal,